Cruises and Expeditionary Voyages

Antarctica pennisula
Rather than offering cruises in the stereotypical sense, we specialise in providing a range of small ship voyages, which allow for a significantly more interactive and enriching experience. With their informal atmosphere, greater flexibility and access to areas off limits to larger ships, the advantages of travelling by small boat are incomparable.

Steppes Voyages was established specifically to seek out the world’s most exciting boat-based journeys. Given that 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, the possibilities are endless, whether you want to escape to warmer or cooler climes. From a whale watching cruise in Baja California, to travelling on an expeditionary adventure up The Amazon, searching for the mighty polar bear in Spitsbergen, and partaking in the ultimate polar adventure of The Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica.

Brown bear walking over rocksAlaska
An outdoor world, a wild frontier and a land of many faces.Amazon from above, Amazon, BrazilAmazon
The mightiest river of them all.Humpback Whale sighting, Melchior IslandsAntarctic
A pristine wildlife haven, set in awe inspiring scenery.Grey Whale Spyhopping © Rita DaubeneyBaja California
An inexhaustibly wildlife rich region with huge appeal.3 polar bears asleep, Eric RockCanadian Arctic
One of the most fascinating and mysterious regions on the planet.sunset in kamchatkaKamchatka
One of the world’s most geologically active areas.Aucklets in kamchatkaRussian Arctic
A unique and vast expanse of the Russian Far East.
Falkland and south georgia penguinsSouth Georgia & Falklands
Surrounded by the restless churning of the South Atlantic Ocean.Polar Bear and Polar Pioneer, SpitsbergenSpitsbergen
Arguably the best place in the whole Arctic to see polar bears.