The Bonobo Great Ape Expedition

Bonobo on branch, DRC
Be one of the first visitors to see Bonobos in their natural habitat – the heart of the Congo rainforest
Journey by bush plane and by pirogue along the Congo river to one of the most inaccessible places on earth
The Bonobos were the last great ape species to be discovered and are considered man’s closest living relative, together with the chimpanzee
Travel alongside primatologists Sally Coxe and Michael Huxley – known locally as Mama and Papa Bonobo – as they strive to preserve this precious habitat
Group Cost
£8,995 per person, excluding international flights, based on 6 people travelling. (tbc)

Group Dates
17 – 30 August 2014

Group Size
Limited to 6 people only

The Bonobo Great Ape Expedition Trip Overview
At last for the intrepid adventurer and wildlife lover, a small group expedition into the heart of the Congo, alongside primatologists – known locally as Mama and Papa Bonobo – Sally Coxe and Michael Huxley. Sally and Michael have spent their lives trying to preserve humankind’s closest living relative, the Bonobo, through their Bonobo Conservation Initiative Charity. This trip, in direct support of their efforts, is a real ‘first’; a pioneering and adventurous expedition by bush plane and by pirogue along the Congo river, to find this extraordinary great ape, that lives in small pockets of the Northern Congo, one of the remotest places on earth. In Kokolopori, where Sally and her team of researchers have spent years following the Bonobo’s daily lives, you will be some of the first visitors ever to see this jungle and its habituated ‘peace loving’ apes.

To enjoy this expedition, you should have some experience of adventurous travel, be relatively fit and healthy and be prepared for travel and living in very simple accommodation and on an open canoe in a rainforest environment. This is very much a “recce” style trip with a member of the Steppes team joining the group to help with the smooth running of the adventure.

Are you intrepid enough?

Tailor made option available – contact us for more details

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